Evacuation Preparations for Your Livestock

Photo source: Susie Heffernan

Prepare before the fire occurs by keeping the corrals and barns free of fuel (vegetation or hay) and have halters or facilities to load and remove the animals. Have an evacuation plan for livestock, including routes, transportation needs, and host site. Share your plan with your neighbors in case you are absent. Do not wait to the last minute to transport livestock as roads can become clogged and difficult to maneuver with a trailer. Make sure trailers and vehicles are properly serviced and ready to be used. Notify fire agency personnel of livestock on pasture or rangeland.

For more information, see Saving Your Whole Family, a brochure from the American Veterinary Medical Association, or see this Web page from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA): Information for Livestock Owners.

Article Written by:
Glenn Nader, University of California Cooperative Extension, Yuba City, CA