Elaine Bush

Elaine Bush attended Michigan State University, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in 1973 and a Master of Arts in 1976.  She majored in Special Education for the Emotionally Disturbed with a minor in Fine Arts.  Bush joined MSU Extension in 1987, first serving as the Benzie County 4-H program assistant until 1989 when she became the Manistee County 4-H agent.  In 1994, Bush assumed the role of Manistee County MSU Extension Director until the position of county director was …

Ed Smith


Ed Smith is currently employed by the University of Nevada Cooperative Extension and serves as the natural resource management specialist for western Nevada. Since 1988, much of his time has been spent addressing the issue of Nevadans living in high fire hazard areas. Twenty years ago, he helped establish the Neighbors for Defensible Space organization and created the Incline Village Defensible Space Program at Lake Tahoe. Currently, he is the coordinator of the Living With Fire Program, an interagency wildfire …

Mike Kuhns

Mike Kuhns, Professor and Extension Forester in the Department of Wildland Resources at Utah State University, promotes fire safety in landscapes. As an Extension forestry expert first in Nebraska and then in Utah, his work moved toward urban forestry, so focusing on landscaping around buildings was a natural topic because he understood the vegetation. Early on he was on a committee that popularized the term ‘firewise’ and developed research and education materials to help people maintain firewise landscapes.

Parts of …

JoAnne Skelly

JoAnne Skelly is the Extension Educator with the University of Nevada Cooperative Extension (UNCE) for Carson City and Storey County. She joined UNCE in 1992 applying the organization’s mission of developing programs driven by community needs to improve the well being of people and their environment.

JoAnne’s areas of specialization include:

•    Firescaping – Landscape Design for Defensible Space
•    Integratede Pest Management
•    Integrated Landscape Design
•    Greenhouse Production for Non-Profits
•    Volunteer Management
•    Marketing for Non-Profits
•    …

Janean Creighton
















Janean Creighton is an Associate Professor and Extension Specialist for the Oregon State University & USFS Pacific NW Partnership Project.  She is currently the Administrative Director for the Northwest Fire Science Consortium.  Janean’s position focuses on increasing the information delivery and technology transfer capabilities of fuels and fire researchers to managers and practitioners in the field, and integrating USFS Pacific NW Research Station wildfire and fuels research results into existing and emerging extension curricula, publications, and educational programs.  Janean received …

Yvonne Barkley

Yvonne Barkley is the Associate Extension Forester at the University of Idaho and has been in her current position since 1990. She earned a B.S degree in Environmental Studies from Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, IL and a M.S. in Forest Resources and a partially completed a PhD in Forest Resources at the University of Idaho. Past experience includes working as an arborist and tree care specialist, a grower/supervisor in several commercial nursery operations, and as a research associate in forestry, …

Steve Quarles

Stephen Quarles is an expert on how building materials perform and how different building designs fare in wildfires. For example, does the roof design make the structure more vulnerable to wildfires?

“I am interested in the durability of buildings exposed to fire and rain. When you can find ways to help a building survive several hazards, you can really argue the benefit of that feature. I like learning something new but it’s not fun when you learn from the suffering …