eWIN Webcast Series



The Extension Wildfire Information Network (eWIN) is now offering viewers relevant and timely information about surviving wildfire via live and recorded webcasts. This page provides news on upcoming and archived eWIN webcast sessions and series. Note that registration may be required for either the live or recorded sessions and will be noted on the specific webcast page if so. Check back regularly to see updates to the schedule or subscribe to the eWIN Google Group to periodically receive current announcements and information.

Upcoming eWIN Webcasts

Current Forestry Research Webinar Series
by the University of California Center for Forestry and the Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources

Archived eWIN Webcasts

Software Need to View Archived Webcasts

Webcasts require Flash Player (already installed in 98% of web browsers). The power point presentations and other documents are available in PDF format and require Adobe Reader to open.

Attending an eWIN Live Webcast

The webcast will be presented live on the scheduled date and time posted on the eWIN Live Webcast page. Some webcasts are recorded and will be archived for on-demand viewing. Please check back for more information on availability of eWIN On-Demand Webcasts.

  1. First-time viewers should follow the steps on the How to Participate in eWIN Webcasts page to be sure you have the appropriate software and web connection.
  2. On the day of the webcast shortly before the scheduled start time, connect to the eWIN Live Webcast page or go directly to the virtual meeting room via the link provided to you.
  3. If you experience difficulties, connect to the eWIN Webcast Troubleshooting page.