What You Should Do Before Evacuating Your House

Article Written by:
Glenn Nader, University of California Cooperative Extension, Yuba City, CA
Ed Smith, University of Nevada Cooperative Extension, Reno, NV


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The first step is to make sure every body and everything is ready to leave. Park the vehicles facing toward the road and load important documents and items. Prepare elderly, children, pets and any livestock for evacuation. If there is enough time, prepare the house for exposure to embers and flames. Accomplishing these items will be doable only …

Glenn Nader


Glenn Nader has always lived in wildfire-prone areas. He’s a fourth generation California rancher who has been through three wildfires in Lassen County – that’s in northeastern California close to Reno, Nevada. “I do understand the homeowner’s point of view. I kept putting fire prevention tasks on my to-do list. By the third wildfire near my ranch, I felt comfortable that my home could survive the fire.”

Glenn is the University of California Cooperative Extension Livestock and Natural Resources Advisor …