How do I make an evacuation less stressful?

Planning for evacuation and taking action ahead of time can reduce the stress. Pre-fire planning, including making a list of what to do and what to take with you, is the best way to minimize the potential stress of an evacuation. Some pre-fire evacuation tasks include: * taking a home inventory; * developing and discussing a disaster-response plan of your household that identifies planned actions, evacuation routes, emergency meeting locations, communication plans, and establishing a meeting place for family members; * arranging for shelter for your pets; and * gathering important documents in one place. The time you will need to evacuate will depend on how well you have prepared before the fire. The more you have pre-planned for a fire, the quicker your evacuation will be. For more information, go to these publications published by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA): • “Evacuation Tips for You and Your Family”“Wildfire”.